DJ Turntables Cross Stitch Hoop Art

A good friend of mine passed away last week. We worked in the same office at the university and he sat in the cubicle in front of mine. We both had asthma and, on days when either of us was out and hurting, we would pass our inhalers over the top of the wall. Outside of work, he was a DJ. At one point, he asked if I would look into designing a cross stitch of dual turntables with blue accents for him. I was daunted and I dithered and this design is far, far too late in coming as a result.

John, wherever you are, if you’re watching, I hope you’re smiling.

6″ embroidery hoop
14-count Aida cross stitch cloth
Dark beaver grey cotton embroidery floss
Medium navy cotton embroidery floss
Royal blue cotton embroidery floss
Black cotton embroidery floss
Scrap canvas
Sewing needle
Sewing scissors

I tend to design to the scale of a frame and, when I knew I was going to be making a 6″ hoop art, I tailored the amount of Aida cloth and factored in the amount of white/negative space to the frame.

Once I had the outline for the console completed, I started working on the design for the records, adjusting the size of the accents and details of the turn table in proportion to the records. I ended up scaling the LPs to a 12 x 16 framework, starting with four stitches at the tip with two-stitch increases with the widest point being twelve stitches long. The labels for the record ended up being more compressed than I would have wanted otherwise, but I think for the overall design, it works well.

John’s DJ name was LJ and keen observers will spot his initials in the console details.

I used scrap canvas for the backing, to conceal the back of the stitches and used the internal ring of the frame to push both through before trimming off the excess canvas and cross stitch cloth.


~ by blackmoodcraft on February 27, 2015.

One Response to “DJ Turntables Cross Stitch Hoop Art”

  1. Sorry to hear he passed away, it’s a great way to remember him and the design is fab!

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