Tedious Things in the Lives of Crafters #17: Losing Your Notes

Show your work. First rule and best rule of anything you do. If you’re going to modify, you have to take notes. It’s one thing to rely on your judgement of what’s going to look good or work best versus what the pattern says to do if the piece you’re making is a one-off. But good luck on repeating your easier, fancier, more appropriate modifications if you don’t write things down.

The worst part? Sometimes even that doesn’t help. Long projects can go for longer than we anticipate and that increases the chances of our cheat sheets getting lost, leaving us with a bundle of half-knitted wool or yarn saying “What the fuck did I do to this again?”

I’ve been knitting a cardigan for almost five months. I was two-thirds of the way complete before sanity and the impending winter holidays forced me to shelve the project. Coming back to it (and the mods I made to the first sleeve) after so many months has been difficult as I start to work on the final stages. Fortunately, the final piece I have to work on… is a sleeve. One of a matched set. And the mods I made (mostly decreases in stitches) are easily picked up by line of sight and bookmarked by stitch holders. We may save this sweater in time for Spring!

~ by blackmoodcraft on March 17, 2015.

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