Chunky-Knit Cappuccino Deconstructed Cardigan

It’s finally finished!

My everyday tops tend to be science-fiction and nerd culture t-shirts dressed up with cardigans. For my next long-term knitting project, choosing Lion Brand Yarn’s deconstructed jacket pattern was easy. The execution, however, was harder. For those not following on the blog, it was a long, long process.

5 balls Red Heart Boutique Cappuccino yarn
US 10 circular needles
Size J crochet hook
Yarn needle
Ribbon tape measure
Sewing scissors
Clothes pins
Paper clips

The pattern consists of three pieces — one main piece with sleeve-holes and two sleeves. I initially started out the main piece on 18″ straight needles before switching to circular for the first time. It sped up the process considerably and made constructing the second sleeve hole much easier. I wasn’t quite used to the number of loose yarn tails constructing a 1″ sleeve hole left behind. By the time I worked on the second one, I learned to weave them in!

While the pattern calls for tapered, normal-length sleeves, I opted for a wider, 3/4 construction that started from the shoulder and used decreasing stitches rather than increasing. I cast on 80 stitches and knitted 20″, decreasing one stitch on each size after 8″ and then every 2-3″ thereafter. The sleeves are baggy enough to be comfortable and to fit over the sleeves of some of my long-sleeved t-shirts.

When it came time to seam everything together, I panicked a little. Outside of sewing and embroidering, mattress stitch and I have never great friends. Fortunately, I found a couple of tutorials online that recommended crochet slip-stitch for even, secure clothing seams. It worked beautifully!

When I seamed the sleeves, I used paperclips to secure the outside edges together while I crocheted the seam. When both sleeves were finished and I needed to secure them to the sleeve holes, I used clothes pins to pinch the sleeve hole near the top, where the shoulder seams would be on a conventional cardigan before seaming the sleeves to the holes.

And there we have it! All wrapped up after six months of picking it up and putting it down. I’m both pleased and slightly blurry (damn iPhone).


~ by blackmoodcraft on April 10, 2015.

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