Putting the FUN in Functional Double-Tie Deconstructed Cardigan

Because I couldn’t resist taking another crack at it, I spent six weeks (including most of Mental Health Awareness Week) conceptualizing, knitting and seaming a new cardigan.

Three balls Loops and Threads beige super fine weight yarn
One ball Loops and Threads ivory superfine weight yarn
US 5 (3.5 mm) circular needles
US E (3.5 mm) crochet hook
Paper clips
Safety pins
Sewing needles

The super fine weight yarn is a blend of acrylic and nylon fibers. It’s both light and soft while still retaining heat. For this project, I ended up using two different patterns and drawing inspiration from a third: the main piece with the sleeve holes is from Lion Brand Yarn’s deconstructed jacket pattern, adjusted for gauge. The sleeves are from the Stitch N’ Bitch Handbook’s Go-Everywhere, Go-With-Everything Cardigan. The ties were inspired by Kirsten Johnstone’s Kakomu Cardgian pattern.

For the main piece, I cast on 180 stitches (approx. 22″ wide) and added an additional 2.5″ to either side of the pattern, so that the overlapping ends at the front of the cardigan would be slightly larger.

Knitting the sleeves called for increased stitches every fifth, then every sixth row (size L). Rather than trying to start at the opposite end and decrease, I bit the bullet and gave it a shot. I think I did pretty well! Though Porkchop, my kitty niece, might not agree…

(I think she’s trying to protect my left sleeve from me here.)

I used a series of safety pins the two edges together while I seamed the sleeves using my Size E crochet hook. The pins held together easily and were easy to remove as I progressed.

Once the sleeves were completed, I used the paperclips to close off two inches at the top of the sleeve hole, leaving the precise amount of room for the sleeves, and the room to create a “shoulder seam” (usually used in cardigan patterns that call for 5-6 pieces rather than three).

Once I lined up the sleeve with the sleeve hole, I fitted two of the straps, purl-side out between the two laters — one near the top of the sleeve, one near the bottom, with approximately 1″ of space on the outside.

Initially, my plan was to create a double-set of ties for the cardigan so that, when I wore it backwards, it would resemble a loosened straight jacket. I still intend to wear it this way to at least one formal event in the next few months.

So, six weeks later, and I’ve got something I can wear that wouldn’t be out of place in my university office or with my casual wear (and I now know how long it would take me to knit a cardigan for someone else). What do you guys think?

~ by blackmoodcraft on May 18, 2015.

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