Paddington Bear Amigurumi

So, big surprise, seven days in London were not quite enough. My one regret about the trip last month? Not taking the time to swing by Paddington Station — the Piccadilly line ran straight from Heathrow to Kings Cross and where we were staying, so excuses to swing by the station and one of the Paddington Bear carts were thin on the ground.

Having set aside one amigurumi project that was frustrating me, I decided to pick up a new one in the SPA Open Crafting room (thanks again to Marian, Maribeth, Rebecca, everyone who donated supplies this year).

3.5mm crochet hook
Fawn fine weight acrylic yarn
Denim medium weight acrylic yarn
Red medium weight acrylic yarn
Black cotton embroidery floss
Brown cotton embroidery floss
Sewing needle
Yarn needle
Sewing scissors

Row 1: MR in fawn (six chains)
Row 2: 2sc inc (12)
Row 3: 2sc inc, sc (18)
Row 4: 2sc inc, sc ,sc (22)
– Embroider eyes with black cotton floss, attach ears
Row 5: 2sc dec, sc sc (18)
– Attach muzzle.
Row 6: 2sc dec, sc (12)
Row 7: Sc (12)
– Stuff the head.
Row 8: 2sc inc, sc (18)
Row 9: 2sc inc, sc sc, (22)
Row 10-12: Sc (22)
Row 13: 2sc dec, sc, sc (18)
Row 14: Sc, use popcorn stitch to create the feet.
– Stuff the body.
Row 15: 2sc dec, sc, (12)
Row 15: 2sc dec (6)

Row 1: MR in fawn (two chains)
Row 2: 2sc in each chain (four)

Row 1: MR in fawn (six chains)
Row 2: sc in first chain
Embroider nose with black cotton floss.

Row 1: MR in fawn (six chains)
Row 2-5: Sc
Attack to body. Stuffing optional.

Row 1: MR in red (six chains)
Row 2: 2sc inc (12)
Row 3: 2sc inc, sc, (18)
Row 4: 2sc inc, sc, sc (22)
Row 5: Sc in 11 chains, DC in 11 chains (22)
Shape to resemble floppy-brimmed hat.

The coat was crocheted in denim, using a modification of Lucy Collin’s pattern for Yoda’s jacket. I crocheted two additional rows to account for Paddington’s size. And, once it was finished and fitted to the figure, I used brown embroidery floss to close the two sides, using three simple stitches in place of the duffel coat buttons.

And there he is! Now, I just need to make some marmalade…

~ by blackmoodcraft on August 6, 2015.

4 Responses to “Paddington Bear Amigurumi”

  1. He’s a little cutie!

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