Adventures in Mutant Hybrid Knitting (or Tales of a Mad Crafter)

Dilemma: so, I just moved from a Hobbit Cave in Boystown to a one-bedroom in Logan Square (shared with three other people: one human, two cats) and there is not much space for yarn storage.

Solution: Offload seven balls of black, bulky weight, bamboo/wool blend yarn by knitting a cardigan. Easy!

(Not easy.)

Day 1:
– Find pattern for bottom-up cardigan on Ravelry.

– Adapt stitches for needle size (12.75mm instead of the pattern’s 6mm).

Day 2:
– Realize the bulky weight yarn will look good with a different knit stitch and switch from pattern (reverse stockinette with seed stitch border) to openwork garter stitch
(found on YouTube).

-Pull everything apart, roll up yarn ball, start again. Knit to beginning of knitter/wearer’s arm pits.

Day 3:
– Realize the Ravelry pattern calls for three double-pointed needles to create sleeves (bit daunting for this knitter). Default to previous pattern’s sleeve design.

– Adjust pattern for vertical sleeve openings, calculate sleeve placement based on needle size and previous pattern.

– Knit four rows of estimated 16 rows needed for sleeve openings, realize missed step in initial calculations and only 8 rows are needed.

– Dissatisfied with armhole shaping, remove needle and start pulling yarn out. Abruptly realize that openwork stitches are larger than needle measurements (creating 18mm stitches instead of 12.75mm) and ALL of your calculations for the adjusted pattern are wrong.

Day 4:
– Pull knitting apart, roll up yarn balls, start again.


~ by blackmoodcraft on August 13, 2015.

6 Responses to “Adventures in Mutant Hybrid Knitting (or Tales of a Mad Crafter)”

  1. Sorry but I couldn’t help but laugh the whole way through lol. This is so much like my projects, it’s so funny! (For me, not for you,lol)

  2. […] a gauge of 12.75mm per stitch. The openwork stitches stretched that out to 16mm, meaning I had to pull apart my knitting more than once to recalculate the […]

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