Wire Wrapped Polymer Clay Signet Ring

Apologies for the long gaps between blog entries, folks. The turn from summer to autumn got a bit busy for this crafter and the people (and critters) around her. Several weeks ago, I decided to do some more wire wrapping and was inspired to try and create a signet ring with polymer clay.

Ring mandrel
Gold 12 gauge aluminum floral wire
Wire wrapping jewelry pliers
Wire cutters
Circular jewelry bezel with figure-8 connectors
Ultimate Craft glue
Black Sculpey polymer clay
Circular mini-metal clay cutter
“R” 1/4″ rubber stamp
Craft Smart Premium Metallic “Gunmetal” acrylic paint
1″ paint brush
Wax paper
Cookie sheet

More than a decade ago, one of my younger cousins gifted me a book of stickers and charms with a metal charm bracelet inside. It reminded me of the DIY jewelry project books I used to get from the pink book orders that came to my grade school and junior high English classes.

I filled in the little bezels with kanji, astronomy and UK stickers and was thoroughly disheartened as, one by one, several of the little acrylic domes lost the fight with the elements (rain, submersion, the odd scuffle) and popped off. I stopped wearing the bracelet, but kept it in the same jewelry box with my Bettie Page badges, pride necklaces, and other detritus leftover from my post-uni years working at the bead shop.

Eager for a project to keep me busy, I retrieved the bracelet and was drawn to the little figure-8 connectors that strung the charm bracelet together and realized they were about the right size for my 12 gauge aluminum wire to go through. Once I had the gold wire (mixed metals are love), I used the ribbon tape and wire cutters to measure and cut an 18″ piece.

For the wrapping, I used the wire wrapped pliers and ring mandrel to create a layered ring with two opposing spirals, one on each side of the bezel.

The wire fit through the figure-8 loops just fine and the bezel’s position between the other loops, while a bit loose, was secure once the wire was wrapped and styled, turning into a platform for whatever I decided to put there.


I fell in love with these mini metal cutters as soon as I spotted them on the shelf — imagining all of the future projects I could create with just one or two of them, and they definitely came in handy on this project.

Initially, I toyed with the idea of what I wanted to create for the clay “stone” that would be the centerpiece of the ring. Initially, I thought of creating an indented wax seal or cameo, similar to the ones I’d seen in the British Museum a few months ago. In the end, I opted to go with my first initial instead, creating an unconventional signet ring for my first project.

Sculpey and other polymer clays are heated in the oven (275 degrees, 15 min for every 1/4″ of depth) and cooled as they stand. Once the stone was out of the oven, I left it alone for a couple of hours to cool (slight overkill, but I did have cats to wrangle and laundry to fold). Once it was cool, I mixed a small amount of the craft paint with water and gave the stone a silvery sheen — it did not take much! Once dry, I used the Ultimate Craft glue to secure the stone to the bezel.

And there we have it! This was slightly uneven for a first try, but, overall, I’m pleased with how it turned out. What do you guys think?

~ by blackmoodcraft on September 25, 2015.

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