Needle in the Hay

The plight of every person who crafts to deal with anxiety and stress: traveling out of town (inevitably stressful, you’re dealing with transport schedules, packing, food issues, homesickness), needing a distraction, and being bereft of anything resembling crafting supplies.

Strange Folk Festival and Yarn Geek Fibers saved part of my trip this past weekend, but when I sat down with my crochet hook and my new bundle of yarn, something just wasn’t clicking.

I needed knitting needles.

With no car, no money for STL’s anemic public transit, and no craft supply stores within walking distance, I improvised.

The 10″ bamboo skewers are from Jay’s International Market on South Grand. 89 cents for a hundred of them. 89 cents. The skewers are 3mm wide — making them a US 2 (UK 11). I thought I might need to sand one or two of them down to avoid rough edges, but having been designed for culinary use, they’re pretty smooth. Two days of knitting and I haven’t gotten a splinter yet.

Without any polymer clay, cute pencil erasers, or electrical tape, I ended up improvising the plastic end caps from a milk ring my friends left on their kitchen counter (safety check: do not melt plastics without proper safety precautions and make sure you know it’s safe for melting or burning).

So, upside: now I known I can improvise a pair of needles in a pinch! (Though I will be adding electrical tape to my “always carry” bag)

Has anyone else ever had to make or grab something on the run?

~ by blackmoodcraft on September 28, 2015.

5 Responses to “Needle in the Hay”

  1. that’s so clever!

  2. That’s so clever! Once I staying at my dads and I stupidly bought a ball of wool of the off chance but I hadn’t brought my hook with me, I used all his tools and fashioned one out of a stay piece of wood, it took me over four hours to make and the minute I started crocheting, the neck broke! I’m glad you had more success lol!

    • Oh dear! I’ve had things like that happen more than once. My paper clip “crochet hook” ended up only being good enough to practice chain stitch. Attempting anything more elaborate was just frustrating.

      I’m honestly shocked this worked so well. I’m on Day 3 and the most that’s happened is the points are a little worn down.

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