Strange Magic

Fall festival time has arrived! After almost a decade in O’Fallon, the Strange Folk Festival moved to downtown St. Louis this year. I ended up being in the city for a visit with family and — still twitchy from the six-hour train ride — walked from the Amtrak station to the Courtyard at the Mariott. The route took me past Union Station where the festival was taking place and, not being able to resist, I ankled over to have a look.

Fantastic vendors, lots of gorgeous pieces, the mall at Union Station was thick with families, clusters uni age crafters, grans and grandkids, the usual people drawn to this kind of esoteric craft space en masse. It was the busiest I’ve seen the mall in years.

I spotted Yarn Geek Fibers pretty much once I walked in (I have an eye for spotting yarn) and had me hooked from the first skein I picked up. The artist, Sarah Hollandsworth, names each blend of yarn after women in STEM with a note about their respective fields of study. I was particularly drawn to her Rocketeer fingering weight yarn and ended up grabbing a skein of Super Geek! Rainbow Dashing (Dark Grey). The label had a wonderful note: “Just for fun. We all need fun sometimes.”

~ by blackmoodcraft on September 28, 2015.

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