American Diagnosis

–Photo courtesy of CityofAngels (Survivor 101)

So, my country consistently fails at addressing the need for humane, affordable, accessible, comprehensive treatment for people who are mentally ill.

Considering that the only time our lawmakers, journalists and other public figures can even bring themselves to discuss it is after a mass shooting, that’s not terribly surprising.

It is, however, quite frustrating for people like me who live with a mental illness (in my case, major depressive disorder). Every other day of the year, it’s “snap out of it” and “just be happy!” Until people start to worry about losing their AR-15s, then it’s “we have a problem with access to comprehensive therapy in this country…”

Yes, we do. But unless you intend to actually do something about it, I would certainly appreciate it if you’d shut up and leave us out of it.

~ by blackmoodcraft on October 5, 2015.

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