Striped Fingerless Gloves

It’s been almost three weeks and my new improvised needles have yet to break. I must say I’m impressed. So impressed, I decided to combat the autumn chill with a new pair of fingerless gloves — mid-length this time.

Red Heart Soft Waterscape acrylic yarn
Caron Simply Soft black acrylic yarn
US 2 (3mm) knitting needles
Size E (3.5mm) crochet hook
Sewing scissors
Yarn needle

For the construction, I went with an adaptation of the “wrist warmer” pattern from Favecraft I’d used before. For the openings, I switched to a k2p2 rib, changing to stockinette for the body. For the black yarn I knitted in intervals of 8 rows; for the waterscape yarn, I knitted six.

Once the length of the pattern reached 9″, I bound off the stitches. One nice thing I noticed on this project was that, after almost six years of knitting, I’ve just about mastered binding off in rib stitch. I don’t know if six years is too long to master that or not, but I was quite proud (*laughing and crying on the inside*).

Once the ends were all (finally) weaved in, I used the crochet hook to seam both gloves, leaving an opening between rows 10 and 16 for the thumbs to go through.

All set and ready to take on the cold. At least, I will be, if Zoe ever lets me have them… (that’s my lunch bag under her, as well… Also, my e-reader… Someone needs to stop reading my fan fiction and passing out in inconvenient places…)


~ by blackmoodcraft on October 19, 2015.

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