Pinkie Pie Glass Pendant

Yuletide brought me a new soldering station and, thanks to a tutorial from Graceful Designs, a new and fun means to create new pieces of jewelry. 

Xtronic 3010 Soldering Station
Lead Free silver solder
Oatey lead free tinning flux
Microscope slides
1/4″ copper tape
Red Devil glass cutter
Recollections My Little Pony scrapbook paper
Recollections Red Stripe scrapbook paper
7mm anodized aluminum jump ring
Polymer mat (596 degrees Fahrenheit max)
20″ steel ball chain with connector
9″ Desk fan
Jewelry pliers
Cotton swabs
College-ruled graph paper
Small binder clips

Because this was my first project using a soldering iron, I opted to do a double-sided glass pendant, minimizing the amount of solder needed.

For the same reason, I measured out and broke the glass pieces down into a surface area of less than an inch — 4 x 4 squares on graph paper. Once scored and broken apart, the edges were slightly uneven. I wiped both pieces down with a multi-fiber cloth and lined them up as best I could, sliding the scrap paper inside so the images each faced out. I cut four equal lengths of copper tape and folded them along each side, mitering the corners and using the steel ball end of the glass cutter to burnish the sides.

Once the copper tape was secured, I used the cotton swabs to attach the flux to all four sides. Then, I was ready to use the soldering iron. I used the small binder clips to hold the frame while I soldered the sides, creating a silver frame around the pendant.

I ran into some beginner’s trouble trying to attach the jump ring like the tutorial advised. In the end, I improvised, using a toothpick and the soldering iron to create a bail for the ring attached to the frame. To smooth it out, I used the swabs to attach more flux and heated the sides with the soldering iron.

This ended up having a rustic, almost molten aesthetic (good coverage for rookie mistakes) that worked well with the ball chain and, surprisingly, well with the images I picked (Pinkie Pie supports handmade crafts — though, perhaps not as much as Rarity).

~ by blackmoodcraft on January 10, 2016.

2 Responses to “Pinkie Pie Glass Pendant”

  1. Rarity would wants more diamonds though 😝

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