Favorite Videos: “Life on Mars,” David Bowie

“You really do believe some people are immortal.” However irrational, impossible and improbable that may be, yes.

David Bowie always seemed to be more alien than man, in his queerness and constantly shifting identities that seemed to stand just outside of a more mundane humanity even as he rocketed to the kind success mere mortals dream of. Moreover, Bowie emerged as a yet another queer creator of “civilized” society — mentoring and collaborating with emerging and established artists, acting in a range of films (most memorably as an alien, a vampire, an avenging angel, and a goblin king), leaving an indelible, undeniable mark on a cultural landscape that would shut out so many people like him. He resonated with me, as so many generations of queer kids, trying to find a foothold in a world that seemed to view the alien as deviant and the deviant as threatening. As quickly as he dove back into the closet (or made a joke of closets, depending on who you ask), his overt presence made the rest of us all the more impossible to ignore or discount and, for that, we should be grateful.

RIP, David Bowie.

~ by blackmoodcraft on January 11, 2016.

5 Responses to “Favorite Videos: “Life on Mars,” David Bowie”

  1. and a soldier – Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence. Bloody brilliant movie.

  2. I will definitely be doing that later tonight! Thanks for the rec 🙂

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