HAL-9000 Polymer Clay Pendant

I’ll cop to being somewhat narrow in my field of personal interests, if not in my crafting interests. After the fun I had making my faux pewter clay pendants and inspired by the polymer clay charm tutorials I found online months ago, I decided to give some colored charms a try.

For a starter project, a tiny replica of HAL-9000’s face plate was a logical first go — three colors, simple geometric shapes, easy drill hole placement. The fact that his birthday was coming up was a happy coincidence. 

Craft Smart black polymer clay
Craft Smart red polymer clay
Craft Smart white polymer clay
Craft Smart metallic gunmetal acrylic paint
Rectangular mini clay cutter
Circular mini clay cutter
Clay mini roller
Clay stylus and shaper
1″ sponge brush
20″ ball chain with connector
7mm anodized aluminum jump ring
Jewelry pliers
Sewing needle

The clay shaping and stylus kit ended up being more than worth the $5 I spent on it — with the blade I was able to trim the clay from the mini cutters without losing shape, while the mini roller helped me flatten out the shapes I’d cut. Meanwhile, the stylus point helped me set up the drill hole placement and the placement for the center of HAL’s “eye.”

Craft Smart polymer clay calls for the clay to be heated at 275 degrees, 15 minutes for ever 1/4″ of depth. HAL ended up baking for about 30 minutes, so I could make sure the colored portions of the clay adhered to the base.

Once the charm was cool, I used the sponge brush to apply a small layer of gunmetal silver paint to the outer edges of the charm. After the paint was dry, I was able to attach the jump ring and the ball chain.

Not bad! Happy Birthday, HAL.

~ by blackmoodcraft on January 12, 2016.

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