Special Patrol Group Amigurumi

So, one month into the new year and I’ve been having a lot of fun exploring the possibilities of my soldering iron. However, having a craft I can take on the train or to the sofa is slightly better for my general state of mind, so I started crocheting a couple of plushies to keep my brain occupied. First Paddington, then Special Patrol Group (SPG), the hamster from The Young Ones.

Lion Yarn Brand Vanna’s Choice “Brick” worsted weight yarn
Patons dark brown fingering weight wool
Fawn colored worsted weight yarn
White worsted weight yarn
Dark beaver grey cotton embroidery floss
Brown cotton embroidery floss
3.5mm crochet hook
Safety eyes
Sewing needle

Like my Paddington amigurumi, SPG’s design was largely improvised, but I took a few notes from Sparrow-dream’s hamster amigrumi pattern and remembered the popcorn stitch trick I learned from Lucy Collins’ Yoda pattern.

Row 1: MR 2
Row 2: 2SC in each stitch (4)

MR 6 in fawn colored yarn
Row 2: sc (6)
Row 3: 2sc (12)
Row 4: sc (12)
Row 5: dc (24)
Row 6-7: sc (24)
Row 8: dec, sc (18)
– Attach ears, hair, eyes, embroidery X’s.
Row 9: sc (18)
Row 10: dec, sc (12)
Row 11: sc (12)
– Embroider the “Y” for the nose and mouth using brown floss, stuff the head.
Row 12-19: dc (24) (16 in fawn, 8 in white for the belly)
– Switch to fawn
Row 20: sc, 3dc popcorn stitch for feet.
Row 21: dec (12)
Row 22: dec (6)
– Stuff the body.
– Felt and trim hair.

MR dark brown (4)
Switch to fawn
Row 2-3 sc (4)
BO, tuck ends in, attach to body.

SPG’s design varied between series and even between a few of the episodes in the first series (hand puppet vs full body prop). In “Bomb,” the fourth episode of the first series, he has a matted ginger tri-hawk and four stars gouged into his brow reminiscent of his owner. To get an idea of how to start on the former, I read over Cuttlecraft’s tutorial on doll hair and opted to go with Vanna’s Choice “brick” (initially bought to work on my Fourth Doctor scarf crafts) to match the color.

For the “stars,” I went with grey floss and, not being as dexterous as I would like, I opted to go with four simple X’s for an implied visual effect rather than frustrate myself for hours trying to embroidery stars on yarn.

One fun fact I picked up on this project: hair mousse works just as well with doll hair. Specifically VO5 mousse helped SPG’s spikes maintain their shape once I’d felted and tripped them.

And there we are! Paddington has a new friend and I have two cozy figures to brighten up my office space. What do you guys think?

~ by blackmoodcraft on February 1, 2016.

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