Harry Hare Crochet Plushie

Last month, I introduced my girlfriend to The Geisha Boy, a Jerry Lewis comedy directed by Frank Tashlin, who initially got his start directing Warner Brothers cartoon (and given some of Harry Hare’s trickster antics in the film, it shows).

The movie inspired me to pull Kristen Rask’s “Teeny Tiny Animal Crochet” kit from the shelf.

3.5mm crochet hook
White worsted weight yarn
Pale pink cotton embroidery floss
Maroon cotton embroidery floss
Black cotton embroidery floss
Pale pink felt
Scrap cardboard
Yarn needle

Harry’s ears are more tapered and turned to the side in the film, so, working from Rask’s initial pattern, I made several modifications (reducing the number of stitches and increasing the number of rows) and attached them to the head at an angle rather than facing forward.

I trimmed the pink felt to fit the crocheted ears and attached them with the pink embroidery floss using minimal stitches.

For the body, I ended up working with a modification of my original pattern for Special Patrol Group, reducing the number of stitches and rows for a shorter torso, with the placement of the feet and tail giving him the appearance of being horizontal rather than vertical.

Rows 1-8 SPG pattern
Row 9: dec, sc (12)
Row 10: sc
Row 11: dc (24)
Row 12-13: sc (24)
Row 14: dec, sc (18)
Row 15: sc (4dc popcorn stitch for feet, 4 sc in between, attach tail)
Row 16: dec, sc (12)
(Stuff the body)
Row 17: dec (6)
Sew up

For the tail, I used a miniature version of the pom-pom pattern — cutting a piece of cardboard from the box of tea in my desk drawer, tracing a coin to create a pair of rings, then using the yarn needle to create overlapping threads that could be wrapped with an anchor string and then cut. I then used the needle to fix the tail to the body with the anchor string, double-knotting and tucking the loose ends inside the body before stuffing the body.

I think Harry looks pretty good standing next to SPG and Paddington! What do you think?

~ by blackmoodcraft on May 7, 2016.

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