Playing with patina…

I’m still experimenting with the molten solder look on some jewelry designs. For my new stacked ring, I decided to darken the metal to highlight the texture of the silver solder.

I’m fairly new to this so some trial and error ensued.

Two hours in a liver of sulfur solution (LOS XL gel, warm water) dulled the metal to a mid-gray but didn’t quite reach the effect I wanted (dark gray to black). Because my workshop area is also my bedroom — and the noxious chemical smell of the sulfur was closing in on bedtime — I rinsed the ring off and switched to Gilder’s Paste, focusing on the crevices and curves with a light swab. Once it had dried, I went over those same areas with the Renaissance wax polish and a polishing cloth.

Verdict: it needs another go with the polishing cloth (fingers are turning black), but otherwise I’m counting this as a successful experiment (unique look, minimal clean-up, no personal injuries or damage to shared property). Worth a second try at least.

~ by blackmoodcraft on May 11, 2016.

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