The “less than a week until GenCon” creep has set in…


…in my defense, I’ve also been recovering from surgery, so Time is an increasingly plastic thing. Fortunately, I had my travel arrangements and accommodations sorted before everything started sneaking up on me.

I’ll be volunteering this year — look for me in the open crafting room! And, as it turns out, my Tiny TARDIS cross stitch workshop is nearly booked up. So, it looks like this week, I will be picking up the following:

– Black RIT dye
– Royal Blue cotton embroidery floss
– Robin’s Egg cotton embroidery floss
– Black cotton embroidery floss
– White cotton embroidery floss
– Silver satin floss
– Sewing needles
– Sewing scissors
– 1/2″ magnets
– Glue
– One 6-pack Two-Hearted Ale (not for drinking — for the caps)

Emptying the Two-Hearted Ale bottles is the only thing I’m worried about at this stage — that’s a tall order for a teetotaler. Any ideas?

UPDATE: Emptying the bottles will not be a problem. As soon as I can find a bottle-opener. Have a bottle-opener. Now it appears to be a matter of emptying the bottles out of sight of university students or any of my colleagues. Which probably means after work and off campus. Ms. Moody’s going to be carrying these a while. All this trouble for six bottle caps.


~ by blackmoodcraft on July 29, 2016.

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