The biggest weekend in gaming (and workshops) …

Another GenCon has come and gone. Lots of firsts for me this year — first year doing all four days on my own, first year I worked as a volunteer, first year I finished five jewelry projects in the open crafting room (the three brooches pictured plus a wire-wrapped ring and cross stitched Wonder Woman for my buddy, Athena)…

…and the first year I had a sold-out jewelry workshop.

Some fun notes from my Tiny TARDIS Cross Stitch:

– To balance out the end product, I gave the option of framing the cross stitch design as a magnet (using 3/4″ ceramic magnets that wouldn’t need adhesive to stick to both the bottle cap and the fridge). The ceramic magnets were a big hit. Seven out of my twelve attendees wanted a magnet to take home rather than a necklace (which cut down on the framing time immensely).

– The attendees who asked for a necklace all went with the 2mm leather cord rather than the steel ball chain and clasp.

– One attendee was really happy that she was able to finish her project within the time frame of the workshop itself (the stitching itself takes 60-90 minutes depending on your level of experience).

– I set up the workshop to allow the attendees to do the stitch work while I took on the “messy” part of slathering adhesive and fitting the design into the bottle cap frame. This seemed to allow for more conversation during both processes and gave everyone the chance to relax and talk about crafting, Doctor Who, the con, etc.

– I’m thinking I’ll bring little polyurethane bags for the finished crafts next year –- so everyone has a place to put them once the workshop is finished and they don’t get lost in their larger con bags. Also, have some notes on what to add to the pattern booklet for next year (thanks Melanie!), how many extra supplies to have on hand, when to start cleaning up the tables for the next workshop to comfortably transition.

Overall, I’m just jazzed that people turned up and everyone seemed to have fun. It looks like I’ll be bringing it back next year.

~ by blackmoodcraft on August 10, 2016.

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