Not only, but also…

The fun thing about testing out new fonts and cross stitch fabric is that, once you start, it’s very easy to keep carrying on. Digging through my “big bag of rainbow” embroidery floss, I came up with the colors from the bisexual pride flag, which gave me a few other ideas…

I like the idea of creating hand-stitched jewelry that doubles as a political statement. Quite a few of us wear brooches in the same places we put our political badges. And I was never happy with the political badges the bisexual community had to pick and choose from a decade ago. If only I’d know then that I could make my own!

(For everyone in the bar after 1am — straight men, straight women, gay men, lesbians — I nearly stitched “Not. Public. Property.”)


~ by blackmoodcraft on September 3, 2016.

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