Black Banded Agate Ring

“I got antsy so I made a ring” is how I introduced this project on my Facebook feed. When I’m anxious, short-term jewelry projects tend to work best in bringing back to a state of equilibrium (particularly when it involves breaking things with wire cutters and hammering them into shape).

This ring, which initially fit my pinkie and then stretched to fit my ring finger, took fifteen minutes to construct and restored my calm for about twelve hours. 

3″ 12 gauge half-round dead soft sterling silver filled wire

3″ 18 gauge copper wire

1/2″ round flat black banded agate stone with drill hole

Ring mandrel

Round nose jewelry pliers

Wire cutters

Liver of sulfur gel

Polishing pads

I used the ring mandrel and wire cutters to size, trim, and shape the silver band, wrapping the wire with the half-round facing in, flat side-out. I then used the round nose pliers to create close loops at the end of each band, with the ends spaced apart to insert the copper wire and seat the agate.

The agate was attached to the silver band in a loose wire wrap with the copper wire. No soldering required.

Unfortunately, the copper wire I used was not non-tarnish. To minimize oxidation against my skin, I mixed a tiny amount of liver of sulfur gel with warm-to-hot water, dipping the ring (with gloves and a wood craft stick) long enough to create a patina. After a rinse with cold water and a wipe down with a paper towel, I used a polishing pad to restore the shine on the band.

Not bad. I’ve gotten a few compliments on this one already. What do you guys think?

~ by blackmoodcraft on September 19, 2016.

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