Skull with Flower Crown Embroidered Brooch

It’s that time of year again. Post peak at work means more energy, more ideas, and more projects are wrapping up. I made this brooch to kick off my favorite time of year.

18-count antique white cross stitch fabric
Maroon cotton embroidery floss
Red cotton embroidery floss
White cotton embroidery floss
Brown cotton embroidery floss
Black cotton embroidery floss
Electric blue embroidery floss
IBC root beer bottle cap
Scrap translucent plastic
U.S. Quarter
20mm brooch bar pin
Liquid Fusion urethane adhesive
Mod Podge adhesive
Embroidery scissors
Sewing needle

Free-handing a skull is easy when working in a small frame. I separated the six-strand floss to three strands. I worked the stitches left to right, top to bottom. For the spinal column, I did a series of horizontal half-stitches. For the flower crown, I made series of French knot stitches in alternating colors.

Once the skull and the roses were finished, I played with some more details, making a collar of blue cross stitches. I used a quarter to trim a piece of plastic backing, then used the backing to trim the aida cloth with the design, leaving a 1/2″ border to fold around the plastic.

I then used the mod podge adhesive to stiffen the folded backing and fix it to the bezel of the IBC frame.

And now I have a cute skull brooch in a re-purposed frame to wear all month. What do you guys think?

~ by blackmoodcraft on October 1, 2016.

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