Rainbow Dashing Fingerless Gloves

Autumn is a good time for fiber crafts. If you’re out and about or work in a freezing environment, quick short knitting projects are helpful as well as distracting. I finally managed to de-tangle my Rainboe Dashing wool from Yarn Geek Fibers and decided some new fingerless gloves were in order. 

One skein Rainbow Dashing (Dark Gray) Fingering weight Rocketeer blend wool

US 10.5 knitting needles
Size J crochet hook
Sewing needle

After struggling with focus on longer projects, having a knitting project that too me a few hours over the course of a work day was a relief.

CO 36
Work 3″ of k2p2 rib stitch.
Switch to stockinette stitch, work 6″.
Switch to k2p2 rib stitch for one inch.

Once both gloves were finished, I folded them over vertically, wrong-side out, and used the crochet hook to seam the inside edges, leaving two inches under the rib stitch border at the top for the thumb hole.

Not bad! The gauge is big enough that the wool is cozy instead of stifling and I love the colors! What do you think?


~ by blackmoodcraft on October 5, 2016.

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