Teetotal Punk Embroidered Badge

I’m a big fan of badges — I bought so many sets of badges from Big Wow Badges (then called 50p Badges), they covered my lanyards, jacket lapels, and the straps of my messenger bags. Collegiate (“Art School Wank”), political (“Keep Left”), film culture and British comedy… I loved them all and lost so many to broken pins, misplaced clothing, and the elements (faded and rusted from rain and snow). These past few months, when my energy was low and I was cross stitching tiny patterns like mad, it was always with the 1″ badges I loved so much in mind.

20mm brooch bar pin
IBC root beer bottle cap
22-count embroidery fabric
1 Euro coin
Mod Podge adhesive
Liquid Fusion urethane adhesive
Red cotton embroidery floss
Scrap plastic
Sewing needle

The urethane adhesive secured the brooch bar neatly to the back of the bottle cap without fuss, leaving me to focus on the cross stitch design. The tiny cross stitch font I’ve been using all these months comes from Do Small Things With Love. Nancy, the moderator, was kind enough to post the pattern for free. I separated the six-strand embroidery floss to two strands and worked the letters from left to right, top to bottom.

This particular badge was to celebrate seven months of being teetotal. To underline the point, I picked an IBC root beer cap from my stash of 200+ bottle caps.

Once the design was finished, I used the Euro to trim a piece of plastic backing from my scrap plastic and trimmed the Aida cloth until a 0.5″ border surrounded the plastic. Afterward I folded the cloth in and used the Mod Podge to secure the edges and fix it to the inside of the bottle cap.

— Other badge courtesy of Gay’s the Word Bookshop

Finished! And it looks good on my jacket as any of my other badges. What do you think?

~ by blackmoodcraft on October 18, 2016.

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