“Cat dead. Details later.”

People who read this blog with any kind of regularity know that, via my craft designs and improvisations, I’m, at heart, a nerdy sci-fi/horror fan who likes to break things and play dress-up. So it should come as no surprise that I also enjoy improvising costumes and All Hallow’s Eve brought out my more sinister side this year. They don’t come more more nerdy or sinister than Jeffrey Combs’ Herbert West (star of H.P. Lovecraft’s Re-Animator).

Medline White princess lab coat
White oxford shirt, XL
Black tie
6cc syringe without needle
50ml Erlenmeyer flask
Mountain Dew

One thing about improvising costumes — you’re typically picking from your own wardrobe in addition to thinking up props and costume details you won’t find pre-packaged at Party City or your local pop-up Halloween shop. My Medline lab coat was in the front hall closet, right next to my Montgomery Ward raincoat, still spotted with red stains from my last Dr. Pamela Isley cosplay. The white oxford shirt was folded and wrapped in plastic on a shelf in my closet. The tie, 50ml flask, and syringes were all same-day delivery items purchased online.

We’ll call this prop “re-agent on a budget.” The filmmakers used green glow stick liquid to create the effect of West’s serum that reanimates corpses. Slightly more costly ($15 for a case of 25 sticks) than I was willing to go and slightly more worrisome regarding spills in a work environment. For future cosplay purposes, I’ll be happy to go with the real deal, but for today, I went with Mountain Dew — quick, no mixing, effective for its purposes.

Having never worn a tie before, I gave tying a Windsor knot my best first-timer’s try — it didn’t quite work. Oh well. Hopefully the “blood stains” on the coat and Lovecraftian stare distracts from any sartorial imperfections.

Not bad for not knowing I was going to wear a costume until last Friday. What do you guys think?

~ by blackmoodcraft on October 31, 2016.

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