Steel and Brass Bar Necklaces

Season’s greetings and Happy Boxing Day! With yuletide and the onset of colder weather, my brain tends to favor fiber (needles and scissors) and jewelry crafts (hammers and pliers) to pass the time and make gifts for my family and friends. This year, I went with hammers and pliers.

1mm steel chain
.25″ x 2″ brass blanks
7mm stainless steel split rings
1/8″ alphabet letter stamp set
1.5mm drill press
Jewelry anvil
Jewelry pliers
16-ounce hammer
Wire cutters
Gilder’s Paste, black
Micro-crystalline polish
Jewelry polishing pads
Cotton swabs

The holiday was less lean this year (until halfway through December anyway), but the pull of creativity always returns each year. Having a bit more scratch meant I was able to make metal-stamped jewelry with some different materials — switching out aluminum blanks for brass and base metal chain for stainless steel.

Because the brass blanks I wanted didn’t come with drill holes, I went ahead and got a drill press — 1.5mm for smaller jump rings and split rings. I opted to make a longer necklace so that the wearer could slip it on without a clasp — so I cut 24″ lengths of chain for each one, using two split rings to attach it.

The metal stamping itself took the least amount of time. Rather than trying for a detailed caption for each, I decided to go with my sister and cousins’ names. Simple and elegant, yet equally personal. For the width of the brass blanks, I decided to use the 1/8″ stamp set so that the letters would be more visible and clear.

Once the metal stamping was completed, I used the cotton swabs to brush on the gilder’s paste, highlighting engraving. After it had set for an hour, I used the jewelry polishing pads to brush off the excess paste. I used another swab to dab on the micro-crystalline polish and a clean pad to polish it off.

I think this is some of my best work. What do you guys think?


~ by blackmoodcraft on December 26, 2016.

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