How to build a crafter’s city pack…

So, I ended up spending a lot of my holiday cash at the army surplus store this year (and the used book store, but that was a given).

I work in a large city, take multiple buses and trains everyday, and, lately, my mind has been on keeping my essentials portable, lightweight, and contained. Usually I have my messenger bag, a tote bag full of scarves and sewing/knitting/crochet essentials, and sometimes a linen lunch tote with coffee, snacks, and mason jars full of rice and noodle dishes…

And if you’ve ever been on public transit or needed to walk more than a couple of miles throughout the day, you know this can turn into an awkward juggling act really quickly.

The good news: integrating my regular craft tools (two crochet hooks, two pairs of circular knitting needles, stitch holders, sewing needles, needle threader, embroidery floss, scrap canvas, ribbon tape, folding scissors, 1″ electrical tape, Swiss Tech multi-tool with pliers and wire cutters…) into my messenger bag gear was as easy as buying two first aid kit pouches. Including one small enough to fit inside the other.

Not bad.


~ by blackmoodcraft on February 21, 2017.

2 Responses to “How to build a crafter’s city pack…”

  1. Great idea 😊

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