Nearing the close of Ms. Moody’s unanticipated hiatus..:

So, I hadn’t planned on going this long without a craft post and, for all those following my progress with some of my projects, I do apologize. I’ll tackle the last few months in depth in a later entry.

In the meantime, I got antsy looking at my five-year-old e-reader case and decided to make a few changes.

The scrapbook paper I used here is from Michaels. Recollections brand paper appropriately named “red and blue stripes,” “typewriter font,” and “cameras.” Small plug for my leather wrist ruler from ILoveHandles. I wear this everyday now — incredibly useful and looks great!

In spite of my ragged window panes, trimming, decoupaging the new panels, and sliding them into place turned out to be pretty easy with the help of some urethane adhesive (and fingernails to pry out the old inserts and the gummy residue from the previous adhesive I used).

Because the brass plating was wearing off the British Army button I used for my clasp, I opted to swap it out for another regiment button I had in my craft supplies. An x-acto knife to slice the new opening and waxed thread to secure the clasp and we were all set!

Not bad! 

~ by blackmoodcraft on March 26, 2017.

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