Old school subversive…

We had a funeral in February — a small goodbye for the Chicago family of the friend I lost just before Christmas. It was the first time I’d seen a few acquaintances in more than a year and the first time I had ever met his father and brother. 

I was overwhelmed, ill prepared, and got caught out without so much as a Kleenex in my bag. I bought six handkerchiefs the next day.

3″ embroidery hoop
White colored pencil
Embroidery floss
Imperial men’s handkerchiefs 
Sewing needles
Embroidery scissors

Most of the designs I found for embroidered handkerchiefs online and in my archive of vintage designs involved flowers, swirling patterns and laced edging. I went with something a little different, inspired by how the black cotton reminded me of classroom chalkboards and the way the black made other colors pop.

The heart design came from a diagram in an old school book I had on the shelf at home. I ended up doing a minimalist outline with a “side view” that eliminates the right atrium. Not precisely anatomical correct but recognizable as a human heart. 

For the second handkerchief, I went with a stylized, Stuart Gordon-inspired syringe of re-agent, the serum Herbert West uses to revive dead body parts in Re-Animator. For the third one (to be kept in the craft kit in my first aid pouches), I went with a simple Red Cross.

These were fun to do, and I’ve still got three designs to go. Any suggestions?

~ by blackmoodcraft on March 30, 2017.

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