Blood Bag Brooch

More fun with the shrink plastic! Inspired by horror films I’ve been watching and urban fantasy stories I’ve been writing, I decided to plug some fun (for me) medical terms into the royalty-free clip-art searches and see what came up. Note: multiple versions of “blood transfusion bags” and “syringes” in a variety of sizes are available (that surprises me less than it probably should).

Grafix shrink plastic
Extra fine point black Sharpie pen
Sharpie permanent markers
20mm brooch bar pins
Micro sponge brush
Mod Podge Dimensional Magic
Mod Podge decoupage sealer
3m gel super glue

Give the shrink ratio of 1:3, I went with a “large” images that included a graphic of the sticky label that often accompanies a transfusion bag. Started out tracing with the fine point Sharpie pen before filling in the details with the larger permanent markers.

Colors were a given on this project (obviously). Knowing how big the end design was going to be, I also went with comically illegible handwriting for the label — not unlike a real medical professional’s handwriting (part of Ms. Moody’s living involves deciphering student medical forms).

For the shrinking process, I went with 350 degrees, three minutes in the oven on a piece of aluminum foil. Note: always make sure the colored portion of your design is facing up, to avoid distortion or warping from the foil.

Once the plastic was cool enough to handle, I moved on to painting and decoupaging. Wanting to mimic the translucent portions of a blood transfusion bag, I opted to just paint just 1/3 the back of the brooch, covering where the brooch pin was going to go and making the label the only opaque portion of the design. After the paint was dry, I applied a small layer of Mod Podge sealer to cover the paint. Once that was dry, I flipped the plastic over and applied a layer of Dimensional Magic to the top of the design, leaving it sit for three hours to prove.

Even with the Mod Podge sealer over the paint, I was worried about securing the brooch bar, so I stuck with the 3M gel glue I used on the second trial projects. It dries quickly and sticks well to the plastic.

Not bad. And versatile — it goes as well with my hearts as well as it does with my Miskatonic varsity pin!

~ by blackmoodcraft on August 9, 2017.

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