Mixtape Cross Stitch: The Buggles

Even with the upheaval of the past summer, I made it to my usual appointment with Indianapolis and GenCon this year. Didn’t lead any workshops, but I got to spend time with old friends, learn some new crafts (felting or “stabbing things into existence” is quite fun), and play around in the open crafting room.

This year, Plaid ended up donating a bunch of “My First Cross Stitch” kits to the room and, with so many supplies in such a neat package, it gave me an idea.

Plaid “My First Cross Stitch” kit (with floss, frame, 14-count cloth, and backing)
Sewing needle
Embroidery scissors

The colors in this particular kit reminded me of the electron guns in the cathode ray televisions — believe me, after so many childhood years spent sitting way too close to the screen, I am an expert on what those look like! The television set I created was free-handed without a design. I separated the six-strand floss to four strands before going to work on each row. The sides of the television and antenna were done in light beaver grey with half-stitches.

I used the cardboard backing and a pencil to center the design and have an idea of where to cut for the framing.

For the text, I went with the tiny free font I’ve used on my last few projects — for size, efficiency, and style. My friend, Mary Beth, was the one who suggested the caption, not knowing it was one of the tracks on the very first mix tape anyone made for me (Side A, track four).

I must say, though it’s likely to discolor and leech acids in the next ten years or so, the cardboard backing that came with the kit made framing the design a cinch.

And there we have it! Conceived, crafted and completed in less than three hours. Time well spent.


~ by blackmoodcraft on October 3, 2017.

2 Responses to “Mixtape Cross Stitch: The Buggles”

  1. MTV’s first video! (And yeah, I’m old enough to remember it well, too. *ack* ) Time has stacked irony on top of irony there, hasn’t it? Especially given that the song isn’t at all a celebration of the changes it describes. A project that makes me dig into my music archives is always welcome. 🙂

    • Yes it was! I was born two years after it premiered and, according to my dad, this was one of my favorite videos (hence he put it on the mix tape). Definitely a mix of irony — it’s recalling one era and predicting another one! Time is cyclical. I’m glad you liked it 🙂

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