Happy New Year, I’ve got a life to lead

So, it’s been an interesting year.

My girlfriend and I spent most of New Year’s Eve afternoon in our pajamas and dressing gowns. We had a wonderful lunch – savory oatmeal and chorizo scramble. She played games while I watched Bake-Off and attempted to make Australian bacon and cheese rolls. We each drank an enormous amount of coffee as per usual.

Last year, I wanted to set 2016 on fire while it was still breathing. People surprised me in 2017 – journalists, lawyers, park rangers, climate scientists, everyone who showed up at the Women’s March and the trans marches. We didn’t lay down and take any of this and, because of everything I said in paragraph 2, we’re not going to take it in 2018. I have a good life and I feel very, very sorry for anyone who tries to take it.

So, I’m walking into 2018 like 2017. I hope you are too.

~ by blackmoodcraft on January 1, 2018.

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