“Bite Me” Office Cowl



I’ve gotten a lot of joy out of a few skeins of fingering weight wool in the past few months. Once I finished my Rosie the Riveter headband, I really wanted to tackle another small project with my “Once Bitten” wool from SMAK SuperFibers. In anticipation of warmer weather (which has yet to arrive in Chicago), I decided to try a warm weather cowl to wear around the office, if nothing else.

“Once Bitten” fingering weight merino/nylon blend
4mm crochet hook
Embroidery scissors
Ribbon measuring tape
Yarn needle

The pattern I free-handed was really simple. I created a foundation chain of 15 stitches and then did an alternating pattern of two single crochet rows with two double crochet rows. Instead of chaining 3 stitches for turning on the double crochet rows, I chained two. It was a mistake the first time, but I liked the effect and kept with it! The closer texture is very familiar — I think my grandmother may have crocheted her afghans this way…

The patterns I found online recommended using the ribbon measuring tape to gauge the length. I wanted the cowl to fall below the necklace my girlfriend gave me, so I went with 30″, so that the bottom would fall just over the top of my usual chemise/tank top.

Once the full 30″ were completed, I used the crochet hook to seam the ends and then trimmed and weaved the ends in.

Overall, I like it! The alternating gray and black ended up looking much closer to spilled blood with this spacing (as opposed to the Baby Selwyn stripes the headband produced). Perfect for a fiber craft that goes around your neck! What do you guys think?

~ by blackmoodcraft on March 29, 2018.

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