Stamped Wristbands

I love leather and I probably should have guessed that I would love leather stamping and find it a lot easier than metal stamping. I recently placed an order for a couple custom pieces. While I was waiting for them to arrive, I decided to try my hand it on my own.

Real leather 1/2″ dark brown strip
Pearl Ex pigment “Duo Red-Blue” And “Carbon Black” powders
Unique Stitch liquid stitch adhesive
Fiebing’s Leather Sheen
1/8″ letter stamp set
1/4″ sun and swirl stamps
16 oz. hammer
Steel jewelry anvil
Eyelet tool with hole punch
Colored hemp cord
Acrylic brush
Cotton swabs

I trimmed a 6″ piece of the leather strip, intending to create a tied cuff. I hydrated the leather on both sides and let it dry before I punched the eyelet holes and started stamping. Having just re-watched Pacific Rim for the hundredth time, I decided to go with some unique captions related to the film. For those who haven’t watched Guillermo Del Toro’s mecha vs. kaiju film or its sequel, “kaiju blue” is a toxic byproduct of the vanquished monster’s rapidly decomposing corpse (…I may have just declared myself toxic waste by wearing this, but oh well).

The tutorials I found for this kind of stamping recommended acrylic paint and/or gilders paste. The arts supply store I found myself breezing through on my lunch hour didn’t have those — but they did have a bunch of Jacquard Pearl-Ex powder pigments that caught my eye. The “Duo Red-Blue” pigment looked particularly good with the brown leather. For the K-Science – Hong Kong bracelet, I went with “Carbon Black.” I hydrated the leather before applying each with a dry brush and then hydrated the leather one more time.

Because I didn’t use an acrylic binder for the pigments, I was relieved to see that the leather sheen had an acrylic binder that both fixed the color and stiffened and waterproofed the leather.

I opted for hemp cord to create the ties, alternating colors with the leather (gray cord for the blue band, blue cord for the black band) and using liquid stitch to stiffen the ends and make them easier to pull through the eyelet holes.

All in all, this was a very satisfying project. Annnnd I ended up with quite bit of leather strip leftover, so I’m thinking a few more of these are definitely in order.

~ by blackmoodcraft on June 4, 2018.

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