Feathering the nest, part 1

Greetings from the void, everyone. Apologies for the long hiatus. I’ve been a bit poorly and am currently facing a surgery date in a couple of weeks, followed by six weeks of recovery (including two weeks of bed rest; yuck). One good thing that’s come from it is that I’ve experienced a creative burst, particularly as I tidy up my cubicle ahead of my sabbatical. As the days get shorter ahead of my leave date, I decided to make a couple of pieces of hoop art for everyone to enjoy in my absence.

6″ embroidery hoop
4″ embroidery hoop
14-count Aida cloth
Cotton embroidery floss
Folding embroidery scissors
Needle minder
Embroidery needle
Scrap cotton canvas
Liquid Stitch

Props to StitchPoint for providing their search engine so I could experiment with new fonts for this project. I chose “Oxford” font and promptly messed up the base-six height and the spacing between words. Oh well! Working in an office full of non-fiber artists, I have been informed that I am the only one who can see that.

I used the 6″ hoop for room to maneuver when I was working on the project and the 4″ hoop for framing the piece.

One thing I was particularly proud of with this project: this is the best the reverse-side of one of my cross stitch projects has ever looked. I’m so used to the back of my project looking like a Muppet exploded. Not this time.

I’ve been doing the backs of all my hoop art wrong — not surprising, considering I made my first sets of hoop art from kits that had hard plastic or cardboard backed frames. For my tribute to my friend John and other gift pieces, my habit was to layer the canvas under the finished design, frame them, then trim the excess cloth from around the edges. For this project, I decided to try trimming and folding in the excess cloth. I used Liquid Stitch on the frayed ends and to glue the folded ends to the inside of the hoop.


Et voila! All finished and it looks great next to my Blu Delliquanti prints.

~ by blackmoodcraft on July 25, 2018.

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