Cashmere-Wool Patch Job

•July 11, 2017 • 1 Comment

A while back I mentioned that a few projects were de-railed by a favorite sweater that needed an immediate patch job and, while I was sorting through the Photobucket mess, I realized i never posted the photos.

As you can see, it was pretty bad. I had a ball of worsted Aran wool leftover from another project that blended perfectly with the cashmere, but that was where my luck ended.

Swiss darning was ruled out quickly, but my 4mm crochet hook was useful in stabilizing the frayed stitching around the hole. I considered just crocheting in the round to patch the hole before I realized that, in working with the rib stitches, I had created a square. Oops.

Yeaaaaah. Throwing out that idea, I decided to do a patch — something stable that I could sew on that would move without pulling or unraveling what was left of my sleeve.

Working on the patch took the longest portion of time — an hour or so, single crochet stitches, chain one, turn, until I had a square large enough to fit over the window on the inside of my sleeve.

I opted to use a complementary color for the sewing, to follow what I was doing and make sure the patch was secure. The worsted wool blend is Martha Stewart “flamingo.” It worked pretty well. The stitches on the inside aren’t quite so pretty (or even) — fortunately, no one sees that bit when I’m wearing it. Not even me.

Not bad. Obviously a patch job but not distracting and, most importantly, my favorite cardigan is ready to wear in the colder months still ahead. I’ve been told I might want to give the patch a going-over with a felting needle to take care of some of the loose ends. What do you think?


Et tu, Photobucket?

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Oh boy.

Well, it looks like all of my posts starting at September 9, 2016 and going back to my first post in 2011 are now covered with that ugly “third party hosting” sticker where my photos used to be. So, it seems I’ll be spending the next week or so doing clean up — moving my photos to a new area and editing one entry at a time. If anyone needs to see something from a back entry, let me know in the comments.

This may take a while.

Did anyone else get hit with this frustration?

Cuneiform Paperweight

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Inspired by the recent news about everyone’s least favorite craft outlet. As hard a time as Ms. Moody’s been having mustering up the energy to complete fiber crafts and jewelry projects lately, this burst of inspiration was finished in less than three hours. (Read more…)

Favorite Videos: “Putting on the Ritz,” Taco

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So my crocheted peplum top is not ready in time for IML weekend thanks to two things:

1) an ill-placed semi-full glass of sangria (that promptly found the four rows of white yarn I’d already crocheted)

2) an unexpected hole in the elbow of my favorite cashmere cardigan — my rib-knit cashmere cardigan — that demands immediate mending.

I’m learning to roll with these smaller hiccups as I grapple with recovering from a recent illness, the white noise of low mood, and larger disappointments on a national and world scale. Therapy helps. Good music helps. And, oddly enough, being a fan of horror movies helps. I watched Beyond Re-Animator last night and that was quickly followed by the best night of sleep I’ve had in months.

Thanks, Dr. West.

Rip her to shreds…

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To top off Mental Health Awareness Week, I pulled out all the lacing on my crocheted peplum top and started over with stripes. 

Can you guess why I want to have this finished in two weeks?

Dark Country Blue (if only)…

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Back to the fiber crafts for the beginning of spring! Long projects have a way of driving my brain into a ditch, particularly long knitting projects with multiple components. Crochet stitches are more cohesive — because even with multiple components, you’re seaming while you construct additional pieces like straps and bodices. I decided to try my first large crocheted top in the round.

So far, so good. Coffee and a cookie or two helps. And unicorn frappucinos.

Old school subversive…

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We had a funeral in February — a small goodbye for the Chicago family of the friend I lost just before Christmas. It was the first time I’d seen a few acquaintances in more than a year and the first time I had ever met his father and brother. 

I was overwhelmed, ill prepared, and got caught out without so much as a Kleenex in my bag. I bought six handkerchiefs the next day.

3″ embroidery hoop
White colored pencil
Embroidery floss
Imperial men’s handkerchiefs 
Sewing needles
Embroidery scissors

Most of the designs I found for embroidered handkerchiefs online and in my archive of vintage designs involved flowers, swirling patterns and laced edging. I went with something a little different, inspired by how the black cotton reminded me of classroom chalkboards and the way the black made other colors pop.

The heart design came from a diagram in an old school book I had on the shelf at home. I ended up doing a minimalist outline with a “side view” that eliminates the right atrium. Not precisely anatomical correct but recognizable as a human heart. 

For the second handkerchief, I went with a stylized, Stuart Gordon-inspired syringe of re-agent, the serum Herbert West uses to revive dead body parts in Re-Animator. For the third one (to be kept in the craft kit in my first aid pouches), I went with a simple Red Cross.

These were fun to do, and I’ve still got three designs to go. Any suggestions?

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